Paid Social Marketing

We help brands increase their return on ad spend & profitability

Paid Social Media Services

We leverage major social platforms with platform-specific creatives to drive performance at all stages of the funnel. Our deliverables include:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Campaign Management
  • Content & Creative
  • Reporting & Insights

We understand creative

We not only execute the performance side, but we also bolt on a creative team alongside the performance team. This is where the magic happens. While the performance team looks at the science of things, the creative team adds the art to it, producing a seamless content narrative that converts more customers and lowers your cost-per-acquisition.

Our team takes a multi-channel approach to diversify your customer acquisition source and scale budgets effectively. We hold no bias towards where budgets are spent. Our true north star is delivering the best results for the brand that will drive consistent growth. Our diversification strategies allow you to reach new users, reduce performance volatility and increase your ability to scale.

Analysis & Reporting

To make the right decisions on your advertising spend, it's essential to have a robust reporting solution that can break down all your data into easily digestible numbers.

Our custom reporting breaks each platform down and shows you which campaigns, keywords, creative, and captions are driving performance. We also build in metrics vital for your business to track, making the report entirely bespoke.

The Process

Unlock Results with 4 Proven Steps

Planning & Research

We look at your historical PPC data, build the best campaign structure, ensuring your Google Product Feed is optimised to drive performance.

Optimisation & Testing

We examine the ad account performance 24x7, 365 days optimising creative & captions individually to drive better results.

Creative Design

Our award-winning sister agency - Tuesday Communications, is available to counsel, consult & create the output to lower your cost per acquisition.

Tracking & Reporting

Use our custom reporting dashboard ‘GP Sync’ to understand what's driving the best performance so we can double down on what's working and what's not.